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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Le Rocher provide installation?
Le Rocher does not provide installation. However, we do provide technical support and expert advice. In addition, we can provide you with the contact information for a reputable, expert installer servicing your area.

Does Le Rocher deliver?
Yes, we can deliver almost anywhere depending on the size of the order. Please contact us for specific details.

What is flagstone?
Flagstone is a term used for any type of flat stones used in walkways or patios. Typically, they range in thickness from 1"- 3" depending on the type of stone.

What thickness should flagstone be?
If you are laying it on bed of gravel, it should be at least 1½" thick. Any thinner, and the larger pieces could crack over time if not correctly installed.

What types of stone can be used outdoors?
Natural stone is extracted from outdoors, so any stone can be used outside. However, depending certain outdoor conditions and properties of the stone itself, there are types of stone which are preferable for certain types of projects.

Why is stone sold in different volumes from one place to another? (For example, by the ton, by the pound, per square foot)
As retailers, we all buy stone by the ton. Some retailers prefer not to do the conversion required to sell per square foot. This can be very confusing to most customers as most have no idea how much stone will be needed to cover the required area when buying by weight. ALWAYS ask how much it will cost to cover the square footage you require. It is then fairly easy to calculate the price per square foot. This is the only sure way to price/ comparison shop. Here are some quick examples. 1 Sqft of 1 1/2 inch flagstone willl weigh about 18 lbs. This means that if you pay 30¢ per pound you will pay $5.40 per sqft [18 x .30 = $5.40]. This is just one of many calculations depending on the product. This shows you how buying by weight can be complicated. (30¢ per pound SOUNDS cheaper than $5.40 per square ft.). Try our cost calculator on the Home Page to help you with your selection.

How do I prevent my stone from moving over time?
The first thing to prevent movement over time is a proper base. The next thing to ensure proper drainage. Water should run away from your patio or walkway. Taking the steps to ensure these two things are done correctly will go a long way to ensuring your stone stays put.

Is there any treatment that needs to be applied to my stone, and how do I clean it?
No treatment is needed for stone. A sealer can be applied to enhance the color and help protect it from salt. Salt should be avoided whenever possible. Keep in mind that some stone (such as sandstone) have high iron content and will break down over time with exposure to salt.  Other stones, such as Ontario Limestone withstand salt quite well. Generally, stone does not need to be cleaned. If you need to remove a stain, try soap and water first. If needed, you can buy solvent based cleaners for concrete. This could however change the color of your stone.

What is the best way to install my stone?
While we recommend that a professional perform larger, more complex installations, you can visit our Installations Tips section for some of the more common installations that can be completed by most people.