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Garden Centers

Shopping for stone is a critical part in the process of landscaping your yard. Believe it or not, not every type of stone can be used for any kind of project. This means that your stone selection can make or break even a well-planned project.

When shopping for stone (just like any other product) you should look for a supplier that specializes in those products. Many garden centers sell stone, but rarely do they have detailed knowledge about the products they are selling or the various, specific methods of installation.

Big box stores are all about moving products. Garden centers are typically more knowledgeable about plants, soils, fertilizers and garden products. If planning a stone project yourself, you are not likely to get the installation information and advice you need.

At Le Rocher, we are all about stone. We bring years of installation experience and knowledge about the various types of stone, their qualities and their intended applications. Big or small, we’ve seen and done it all, and are happy to share our knowledge with you.